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About Serpline

Author Background

Want to know who you’re dealing with? That’s an easy one!

I’ve been helping businesses ‘pop on Google top’ for about a decade. Being a SEO Agency CEO, my greatest achievement is definitely a satisfied client (read this: well ranked client)!

Together with my SEOProLab team, I’ve helped numerous small businesses and elite corporations build their business. What’s more, our SEOProLab company is estimated to 200K value. It means we’re doing it right! Right?

Something very SEO personal

I am not an “algorithm God”. That’s why I believe in power of knowledge. Most of my tips are based on hands-on experience in building future-proofed SEO results.

“Don’t forget to play”, somebody once said. And I don’t. Every new SEO project is like a new strategy game for me. Maybe the tactics are known, but the main plot is not. This is my approach to every project I take. And I enjoy it all the way.

I’m here to help you skyrocket your business. And also to connect with like-minded people by sharing the tips and tricks based on my experience. Stay tuned and I’ll give my best to keep you on the right track when it comes to SEO best practices.

Marko: behind the scenes

Just a regular guy.

And behind a SEO expert lies a graduated economist, and a current Fine Arts student. Funny mixture of interests – but it’s handy for being creative in business.

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