seo outreach

Getting other websites to link to your site is one of the best ways to improve your website’s search rankings. But how do you get those links? Link building outreach can seem tricky if you’ve never done it before. In this guide, we’ll break down the basics of an effective link building outreach strategy for beginners.

What is link building outreach?

Link building outreach means contacting other websites and asking them to link to your site. Getting links from other sites helps search engines like Google see your site as more important and relevant. It’s one way to get your site noticed in search results.

When you do link building outreach, you’ll reach out to site owners and ask if they’ll add a link from their site to yours. You want to find sites that are related to your site’s topic. For example, if your site is about gardening, you’d reach out to other gardening blogs and websites.

Choose the right sites

The first step is finding sites that would be good candidates for links. Here are some tips for choosing sites:

  • Look for sites in your topic area. They should be relevant to what your site is about.
  • Check site traffic and authority. Sites with more visitors and page ranks are better links. You can check traffic on
  • Make sure sites are active. Don’t contact sites that don’t update often.
  • Find sites smaller than big websites. It’s easier to get links from smaller sites.
  • Search Google for topics related to your site. Look at top results for link opportunities.
  • Search site: in Google to find pages on other sites about your topic. Contact those sites.

Take time to research potential sites. The more you learn about each site, the better your outreach will be.

Craft the perfect outreach message

Now it’s time to write your outreach emails. Here are some tips for crafting great messages:

  • Keep it short – 3-4 paragraphs is enough. People are busy!
  • Personalize each email. Mention why their site specifically is a good fit.
  • Explain how a link would benefit their readers. Don’t just ask for yourself.
  • Provide value like useful content or resources for their readers.
  • Proofread carefully! Mistakes look unprofessional.
  • Offer to write a blog post as a guest. This provides value for their readers.
  • Follow up politely if you don’t hear back right away. Don’t be pushy though.
  • Thank the site owner for their time whether they link or not.

With a well-written, personalized message you have the best chance of getting a positive response.

Follow up on your outreach

After sending your initial messages, be sure to follow up. Here are some tips:

  • Wait 1-2 weeks then send a polite follow up email.
  • Thank them again for their time and say the offer is still open if they change their minds.
  • Suggest alternative options like a mention on social media if they can’t link.
  • Offer to provide any other info they might need like images or text for a post.
  • Track your outreach in a spreadsheet so you don’t forget anyone.
  • Celebrate each new link on social media to show appreciation.

Being persistent can pay off. Many site owners are just busy, so a follow up may get a yes.

Keep learning and improving

Link building takes time but is worth the effort. As you keep doing outreach, pay attention to what works best. Then refine your process based on what you learn. Some other tips:

  • Try different approaches like social sharing, guest blogging or link placements.
  • Study examples of great outreach emails from experienced marketers.
  • Join online communities to learn new strategies from other link builders.
  • Read blogs and guides on the latest techniques like automated outreach tools.
  • Celebrate small wins along the way to stay motivated on your link building journey!

With practice and learning from your experiences, your outreach will keep improving over time. Be patient – link building is a marathon, not a sprint.