google analytics 4

As someone who has worked with web analytics for nearly a decade, I never thought the day would come when Google would retire one of its core analytics products.

But alas, the writing has been on the wall for Universal Analytics for a while now.

I still remember when UA first launched and how revolutionary it felt to have such robust cross-device tracking capabilities.

In the early days of my analytics career, UA served me well and helped me learn the ropes.

But over the years, the limitations began to show as technology and regulations evolved at a rapid pace.

It was only a matter of time before Google had to make some major changes under the hood.

So I wasn’t completely surprised when the dreaded migration announcement finally dropped late last year.

What caught me off guard, though, was the aggressive timeline Google laid out – just a few short months to completely overhaul all of my analytics setups.


The past few weeks have been a scramble as I rushed to complete the data exports, setup the new GA4 properties, rebuild all the views and filters, reconnect the Google Ads links, and validate everything is looking as it should.

It’s been stressful at times but also a good learning experience diving into all the new GA4 features and functionality.

While I’m not fully migrated yet, I’m getting close.

With the deadline only a couple weeks away, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally in sight.

As sad as I am to say goodbye to UA after all these years, I’m also excited to unlock what GA4 has to offer and feel ready for the future of analytics.

It’s been a wild ride but I’m hoping the worst is now behind me.

To anyone else still in the migration trenches – we’ve got this!

Stay strong and don’t forget to take breaks.

Our analytics superpowers will pull us through.