Social Media Marketing Tools: Only The BEST By [72] Experts

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My favorite Social Media Marketing tool – is considered a sales tool, but I have found it indispensable – and that is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

At Vengreso, our motto is to “Transform connections to conversations” and the best way to do that in our B2B market is to use LinkedIn.

And the best way to find, connect, follow and engage with top prospects on LinkedIn is through Sales Navigator.

It allows me to keep an eye on my prospects, engage on their content and privately communicate with them in a very strategic way.

Social media is noisy.

And if you have a big LinkedIn Network, LinkedIn can be too easy to find and track your highest quality leads.

Sales Nav has advanced search features with additional search fields and allow me to find exactly who I am looking for and then save them as a lead and even be notified when they share “trigger” events that I can use to spark a conversation.

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I honestly like CoSchedule‘s ReQueue social media automation tool for helping us identify our best-performing messages and recycling them to get the most return.

Since CoSchedule debuted in the fall of 2013, the CoSchedule solution has evolved into an unparalleled family of agile marketing products with robust functionality focused on helping professional marketers, and their entire team, get organized.

This maturity in feature set not only helped make CoSchedule a top 15 leading software provider on the Inc. 5000 list, but also the fastest-growing mid-market and enterprise content marketing solution on the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms.

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Social Media is such a dynamic tactic that I think it requires multiple tools to manage it effectively. Below is what I would consider to be a killer combination of social tools:

  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • BuzzSumo

The reason I enjoy utilizing this set of tools is that they all offer a combination of ease-of-use and access to data:

Buffer: The ability to quickly add social messages to a business or personal profile queue that also pulls in the featured photo for the content.

As we know, including imagery in social posts dramatically increases your CTR.

Sprout Social: The audience information and performance data within Sprout Social provides a lot of insight into what is performing well (and what is not) to make it easier for marketers to identify ways to optimize their approach to social.

BuzzSumo: I am obsessed with BuzzSumo’s Google Chrome plugin.

From virtually any page on the web I can click on the icon and identify how many shares the content has received (currently tracking Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) as well as the content’s Evergreen Score and the number of links to the content.

Additionally, they have an amazing function that allows you to see who has shared the content.

So, for example, if you’re co-creating content with influencers, you can quickly see which ones have amplified the content.

Overall, all of these tools have something in common.

They have a great, easy-to-use interface to help you make decisions quickly and they provide a wealth of data to ensure your approach is informed.

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My favorite social media marketing tool is Brand24.

We do a ton of media & influencer placements for our clients.

Great social monitoring allows us to take advantage of immediate opportunities and also ensures that great mentions & engagement get used in a way that can drive revenue.

If you rely on simple or free tools, I can tell you from experience that you are missing many opportunities.

Brand24 consistently delivers the most comprehensive mentions.

Most marketers over-value the visibility of mentions and undervalue (and underuse) the authority gained.

We regularly coach our clients to promote every mention to their own audiences, potential customers in their sales cycle, partners, investors – or anyone else they want to further engage with.

This is one of the fastest hacks to grow revenue that I’ve seen: Just start sharing media and influencer wins with the people that already know, like, and trust you.

It reaffirms that your own followers hitched their wagon to the right horse!

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Definitely @AgoraPulse.

My whole team and I are able to streamline community engagement as well as schedule content.

I also love @wave_video for creating short form video content in all formats.

~ Speaker, #SEO & #contentmarketer. Co-founder @IAmLouderOnline and help some of the world’s largest brands build their online presence.


I know there are plenty of newer options that have hit the market since Hootsuite first launched, but I keep coming back to it because it’s the perfect mix of team management, scheduling and analytics features for our needs.

Since I have multiple social profiles and multiple team members at Louder who help manage them, Hootsuite’s internal collaboration tools let me assign posts to different people to handle.

We can also send messages to each other within the platform so that nothing gets lost.

And although I know most Social Media Marketing Tools these days have auto-scheduling features, I’m a big fan of Hootsuite’s drag and drop calendar, as well as the built-in content curation tools that make it easier to find good content to share.

Finally, on the analytics side, I’m not sure if Hootsuite’s offerings really go above and beyond other programs, but they’re clean and easy-to-use, and I appreciate the ability to run analytics on team performance, not just social metrics.

Probably the biggest challenge Hootsuite has solved for us has been the issue of scaling our social media.

As Louder has grown, we’ve needed to be on more platforms, and we have to respond faster when people message us.

Hootsuite has made it easy to bring in new team members and get them up-to-speed quickly on our social media approach.

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I love all social media platforms, each has its benefits.

However, I would have to say Hootsuite is my current favorite because of the ability to plan and strategize your social media posts/content.

This tool helps me plan my client’s posts all together so each day I don’t have to worry about constantly creating content each day for many different platforms and clients.

The feature I like most is the planning aspect as mentioned above.

On a personal level, it helps me be able to plan all my posts and make sure I don’t miss a day.

For my business aspect, It allows me to organize content and plan ahead for my client’s posts so that I don’t have to worry about missing anything.

The challenge I find many companies face is being able to continue to provide value through social media content at a large scale.

Most people can post consistently for a few weeks but start to drop off and slowly become nonexistent on social media.

This saves them time and doesn’t drain the excitement form what a strong social media presence can bring.

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AgoraPulse is a simple to use content tool that allows you to easily share your content across multiple platforms with great data.

You can engage easily using the platform if you prefer and it’s extremely dependable (and priced right).

What I love also about using this tool and Brand24, is they both have amazing customer support.

In business it’s not if there is a problem, it’s when and thus when there is the one you want to support.

Both Brand24 and AgoraPulse have remarkable service.

What I love about Brand24 is the daily email I receive from them mentioning all the times my company, personal name or other “keywords” are mentioned and I’m not actually tagged.

This allows me to engage and build a relationship with someone mentioning our company or topic I’m interested in.

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because it is a comprehensive social media dashboard so it provides me a lot of features I like, but one of my favorites is the content queue feature that it has which allows me to efficiently schedule content to publish across categories and types of content across social networks.

Any B2B marketer is probably engaging in content marketing, so the challenge is how to efficiently share content at different frequencies (one-time vs multiple time campaign vs evergreen) across social networks.

Agorapulse allows you to easily and efficiently do this.

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One of my favorite social media marketing tools has to be the Buffer app.

We’ve used it for a couple of years now and out of all the other social syndication tools, it’s the one that provides the most functionality, ease-of-use, and features for the price.

We can link employee social accounts to the software which enables us to magnify our reach for our content.

Now that we’ve grown to the point where we have multiple people managing our social accounts, being able to manage who can publish to live accounts is also very handy.

The feature I like the most in Buffer is the ability to set user roles for different account administrators.

We have our Director of Marketing plus 1-2 social VA’s managing content in the account.

We like to have an approval process on content before it goes live without having to mess around with document sharing or emailing content back and forth.

Managers can just go in and approve or deny content from getting published.

We needed a way to have someone manage (i.e. configure posts and schedule for publishing) our social accounts but not relinquish so much control that they were posting things without the ability to review it.

Buffer helped us solve that with user roles.

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I love HubSpot because it manages my “home bases” of blog and site so I can focus on social driving to my own real estate.

I like that it is “all in one” – I use it for my blog, my site, and my email marketing.


I used to have multiple services for these tasks and it was tough because I couldn’t move data from one app to another.

Now everything is in one platform with Hubspot.

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The feature I like most: Gazillions of (only the best) marketing material to absorb + curate, all under one yellow roof.

The challenges it helps solve: It distills the masses of content available on the web (saving me heaps of time), while also allowing me to easily reach target audiences for my own content (which is otherwise consuming work).


Zest use

Zest community

~ Speaker, content marketer, co-founder of Orbit Media (@orbiteers) and author of Content Chemistry

Coschedule is the best social media marketing tool.

It has the highest ROI.

The calendar becomes the heartbeat of your publishing.

It’s easy to use, easy to measure and monitor and easy for collaboration with the broader team.

Everything is in one place.

Here’s what ours looks like.


Plus, the Coschedule platform keeps improving.

It’s now a marketing project management tool.

You can track projects through the process from idea to promotion.

If you’re still using Trello or Google Docs, you should probably get a Coschedule demo.

It’s impressive!

~ International Business Speaker, Coach, and Consultant. Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker

Social Jukebox

I can load it with content and it takes care of tweeting, I don’t need to reload it, I can just add new content.

It even has content in it that I can download to tweet, which then riches the quality of my own content.

You can create a jukebox of your own content.

Or you can take one of their ready-made jukeboxes with 50 quotes from John Maxwell, 100 quotes from Women Leaders, or 997 Best Inc Articles which you can then tweet as your own.

Jukebox – makes getting content easier.

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My favourite Social Media Marketing tool is which I use for social media scheduling across Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for multiple accounts, brand and keyword monitoring on social media as well as for analytics and reporting.

Agorapulse also lets me manage my social inbox and get to inbox zero which I love!

Their analytics and reporting exports to powerpoint and excel, which is useful and also tracks social media response time which I love.

Agorapulse is the only integrated tool that lets me do all of the above.

In particular, I especially like the ability to create evergreen campaigns and schedule my cornerstone content on repeat.

I can set UTM parameters on a per post basis to track these campaigns.

It’s the one tool I use every day and it is more than sufficient to meet all my social media needs!

~ Digital Marketing Strategist & @BulklyFounder [ ] – Ambidextrous bowler skilled in #SEO, #SocialMedia, #Automation & #Analytics

I’m a bit biased, but my favorite Social Media Marketing tool is Bulkly – a tool that I created to scratch my own itch.

It’s a service that connects to your Buffer account and automatically adds (and recycles) updates that drip into your Buffer queues.

It basically fills up your social media schedule for you.

The reason it has a high ROI is that as a paying customer, the time the service saves you from doing the repetitive tasks of adding the same evergreen content into your scheduling queues, you can spend on doing other things…like more billable work.

I even created a little calculator to see how using it can save you time each month.

The feature I like the most is that once it is set up, you never have to touch it again (if you don’t want to) and it can run 100% on autopilot.

And you can literally get set up in just a few minutes.

In fact, you can easily import your past Buffer posts right into Bulkly.

No need to create updates from scratch.


I created Bulkly because I was often faced with the same challenge every week.

I would add content to my Buffer account, it would get posted to my social accounts, then I would have to add the content again back into Buffer.

Like most people, my content is evergreen in nature which means there is no reason I can’t share it again and again.

So instead of wasting time each week doing manually adding content into my Buffer account, I created a solution that would do it for me. Automatically.

Now I get hours of my time back each month to focus on other things that need my attention.

~ CEO, Vengreso. Keynote Speaker. Digital sales evangelist

Definitely, the Social Media Marketing tool that provides me and our entire team at Vengreso the highest ROI is LinkedIn!

I bet you expected me to list a tool such as Hootsuite, Buffer, E-Clincher, etc. Actually, we use E-Clincher.

But the BIG ROI generator for us is LinkedIn because it’s where our target audience is – B2B executives, sales leaders, sales reps and marketing leaders.

Additionally, LinkedIn has features such as support for native video, long-form articles, PointDrive, Hashtag Community, Company Page and more.

The biggest and by far the best ROI option is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. More on that in the next section.

The feature you like most, and why;

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is arguably one of the most powerful digital sales tools available.

It’s also one of the most expensive in the sales tech stack but it’s worth every penny when it’s used properly.

We not only teach sales professionals how to find, engage and connect using Sales Navigator, we use it every day for our own business development.

We use Sales Navigator to build and save lists for effective prospecting.

TheTeamlink feature is awesome because we can see when we share connections among ourselves at Vengreso.

Using Sales Navigator we can run a quick audit on a company and assess whether or not they are a viable prospect for Vengreso.

If I could only use one social media tool it would be LinkedIn Sales Navigator – hands down!

The challenges it helps solve, and how;

According to the 2018 LinkedIn State of Sales Report, trust is the biggest factor when buyers consider working with sales reps.

LinkedIn is a B2B goldmine where most decision-makers have an active presence.

Since we teach sales professionals how to transform their profile from a resume to a resource for the buyer, we practice what we teach – building trust with buyers on LinkedIn.

In fact, we use LinkedIn to post a lot of content that’s of interest to our target buyer.

We know how to amplify the content so that thousands of people see it, which addresses a common problem for so many B2B professionals – getting in front of the right people with a profile that is trustworthy to the target buyer.

At Vengreso we often say “a fool with a tool is still a fool.”

This may sound harsh, but all we mean is that if you think showing up on LinkedIn once every other week with a “resume profile” that boasts about your closing skills is going to attract your buyer – that’s not going to happen!

I really enjoy mixing my personality – which is known as “don’t do normal” – with relevant content that attracts our target buyer on LinkedIn.  

Want to engage with me on LinkedIn? Send me a personalized invitation. Tell me you read this article on Serpline.

Just wait to see what you get from my LinkedIn welcome message! #dontdonormal

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Agorapulse would be my go to social media tool. What I love most about the it.

It’s the inbox.

Agorapulse collects all of a social profile’s incoming conversations and lets you take action on it.

My intern loves that she can go to this one place to find everything.

As an agency owner, I never have to worry that mention might have been missed because I know that my intern has gone into the inbox and reviewed, liked, retweeted, labeled and assigned the items there.

I pop into the inbox Agorapulse everyday, see her progress, and say to myself: Check. Check. Check. All taken care of.

In the rare chance that I notice that a client’s profile doesn’t have an inbox zero yet, I tap my intern and make sure that she jumps it in and responds to whatever conversations are there so that the inbox is cleared.

Another thing that saves me tons of time and stress?

Agorapulse reports.

You can read more about this, as well as other Social Media Marketing tools right here.

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Hootsuite is my preferred SMM tool, although I use some other useful and beneficial services like Buffer, Tweetdeck and ViralContentBee.

I have used Hootsuite for many years, and the time I can save by having access to most of my social media accounts in one place ultimately results in a good ROI for me.

Hootsuite has many great features that allow me to get total control of what I need to handle my daily management of our social media accounts.

One feature of many that I like and use a lot is analytics to measure our performance on social media.

Hootsuite is an excellent tool for administering many social media accounts in a clear and easy way.

I am a Twitter fan, and I spend quite a bit of time reading the news, participating in conversations, sending messages, sharing content and more.

I have several different Twitter accounts, and then Hootsuite is a handy and convenient tool because I can do everything on the same platform.

~ Content Marketing Practitioner | Brand Evangelist at @Agorapulse | Author | Award Winning Social Media Blogger | Fluent in Star Wars & #BloggingBrute

My favorite Social Media Marketing tool is definitely

The feature that’s helped me the most is the recurring Category Queues.

For each social profile, I’m able to create a category of content, and then specify specific days and timeslots for that category.

For example, I like to curate a lot of articles to my Twitter profile, so I have a “Curated” category and timeslots throughout every day for sharing that kind of content.

Then, it’s easy for me to simply add content to those queues whenever I find it!

I don’t have to think about when a good time to share something might be.

I just add it to the queue.

I can add it to the beginning or the end, and even tell Agorapulse to repeat that share if it’s an evergreen or important post.

The queues themselves can be edited, deleted, shuffled, paused, and content moved between queues.

It’s a huge timesaver!

You see, with Category Queues in place, it’s so much easier for me to find and schedule content to be shared.

I can even plug in an RSS Feed to see the latest posts from a trusted source and add those to the queue.

The result is that my social profiles are never lacking in fabulous content to share out and keep my audience engaged.

~ B2B SaaS Consultant

As a consultant, I have several clients that use for social selling.

It allows you to sell directly into the social media platform so that your customers don’t have to go to a third party site to check out.

You can select the product and check out right there on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Often a buyer will see a product on a site like Facebook and they want the product and they click on the link to buy it, but then they’re taken to a page where they have to search dozens of pages for the product and they give up.

With, you can select the product and pay for it right there on the social media platform. 

Not only does it save time for the buyer but it also increases conversions for the store.

~ Chief Content Officer – Actionable Marketing Guide. Speaker, professor, journalist

In today’s maturing world of social media, my favorite tool is a blog, one of the first forms of social media.

A blog provides content and information for your audience.

With increased audience distrust in social media and shuttering of high profile platforms like Google+, marketers must own their content and related audience.

Further blogs remain important to the business.

Blogs stats

For example, my colleague, Mike Allton of the Social Media Hat, is faced with the challenge of finding a new way to connect with his 250,000 Google+ followers before mid-April. YIKES!

Beyond providing an owned media platform, a blog enables you to engage your readers and encourage them to take additional steps towards purchase.

In the process, start building your email list to extend your relationship with your readers, just like social media platforms.

They email you to return!

To maximize the return on your blog, here are a few tips:

Publish content on a regular basis. I recommend at least once a week. The key is to publish on the same day.
Use multiple methods to encourage readers to take action.
– Add your photo and provide your business contact information on your blog so readers can contact you.
– Integrate your blog with an analytics program like Google Analytics.

~ CEO of Pure Performance, Speaker, Author of Answers for Modern Communicators, LinkedIn Learning Video Instructor, Podcaster & #PRStudChat Co-Founder

I have a few favorite tools but the top of the list is Sprout Social.

The platform is great for a content audit, which lets you know the level of engagement with your audience online.

We like the Engagement Score and how you can compare this to your competitors.

It’s always interesting when clients think they have a high Engagement Score but it’s actually less than they realize.

Then, you can point out additional ways to effectively engage stakeholders in their social media communities.

For us, engagement or how people rally around meaningful content is the first opportunity for relationship building and a click to conversion ROI.

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One of the most useful social media marketing tools that I use is

It is an all-in-one solution for all my social media sharing and scheduling needs.

It saves me and my team a lot of time and effort that goes into sharing social media content.

It also provides analytics on the social media content shared and tells us which posts performed the best.


I particularly like the Buffer browser extension feature as it helps me to post directly from any page that I am on.

The extension appears as an icon on the top right corner of a website and helps me easily share content to multiple accounts simultaneously.

What’s more, is that it automatically finds the title and the URL of the page and preselects default account to share the content to.

This saves a lot of time and makes the process quicker and easier.

Another fact that I really appreciate about Buffer is that they proactively inform their users of any technical issues.

It is not exactly a feature of the tool itself, but still worth mentioning.

Buffer browser extension

Here are some of the challenges that Buffer helps me overcome:

Posting frequently and regularly is a requirement in my field, but it is not always feasible to do it manually.

Buffer allows me to upload content in bulk and then it keeps posting at scheduled dates and times.

Buffer also helps solve the challenge of adding posting times every time I upload content to a scheduling tool.

It automatically creates a posting schedule and you need to enter the time only once and it will apply it for the whole time period.

~ CEO and Founder of SEO Hacker | Qeryz | Sigil | Workplays Serial Entrepreneur

We have a variety of Social Media Marketing tools that we use for different purposes.

However, ROI can mean a lot of things in the Social Media Marketing industry.

Some regard likes and shares, retweets, etc as ROI. Or it could be about leads/conversions made through various social media channels.

For my SEO Hacker blog, our main ROI through SMM is the number of clicks, shares, and comments made through the links I post in our various social media channels.

Which is why I highly regard Onlywire as one of our main Social Media Marketing tools.

It’s one of our tools that produces the highest ROI since we use it to schedule and post our latest blog posts.

It’s not the most unique tool out in the market but it does get the job done well.

This isn’t applicable to all companies since SEO Hacker is already known in the industry after years of servicing numerous clients, which is why engagements for our posts will always be something that we’re happy with.

There are a variety of SMM tools out in the market, experiment with tools that align with what you want to do and conduct experiments to see which among them works best for you.

OnlyWire is one of the best social bookmarking tools I have ever tried.

Just specify the social media sites where you want your posts submitted, then update its database when you have new content that needs dissemination.

That’s all you need to do and you’ll be able to update and reach your audience in various social media platforms.

Because OnlyWire is a platform that enables us to do all our social media posting without having to go to each social media websites, valuable time and effort are effectively saved.

Having to notify our social media followers about new content, updates, and news about the SEO industry is easier than ever because of OnlyWire.

~ My easy to follow guides will show you how to start a blog or website using WordPress and start making money online.

My favorite SMM tool by far has to be Sendible.

It’s a social media management tool which allows you to schedule and automate your social media marketing efforts, easily and seamlessly between each of the social media channels.

I own a vast portfolio of affiliate websites, so having a tool like Sendible is a God send when it comes to scheduling the vast amount of content that I produce on a weekly basis.

The ROI on something like this is incredible.

I pay $99 a month, and from being so active on SM, I probably bring in well over $10K a month from just posting my content consistently on my social channels via Sendible.

The feature I like the most is the reporting hub feature.

You can keep track of what’s working and what isn’t, what’s making money and what you need to do more of.

I also love the Instagram scheduler which takes the hard work out of not only posting to Insta but also building an audience.

The challenges it helps solve?

For years I have neglected social media.

It’s probably cost me well over $500k by not being active and promoting my blog sites on high converting platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Now I’m hard at it!

It’s a nice additional revenue stream outside of ranking on Google for lucrative terms.

~ CMO at AccuRanker – The world’s fastest keyword rank tracker

I will start by saying that there is no one perfect tool for all SMM needs – at least I have yet to find it.

We have been using for scheduling social media posts.

It has some advantages and disadvantages.

You can use Buffer for free if you just need 3 social media accounts so if you are just getting started, this is a great way to try out the tool without paying the price tag.

Buffer is very easy to use but we have also experienced some challenges, especially with scheduling Instagram posts.

And there is some space for improvement when it comes to tagging on scheduled LinkedIn posts and well as some small usability issues when setting up a scheduled post.

Why I love it: it is definitely easy to get started with Buffer, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it so it actually does save your time.

Very simple to use.

The challenges it helps us to solve:

Obviously scheduling social media posts for weekends and evenings.

Especially since our followers are in different time-zones, it allows us to be active outside of our office hours.

~ Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. Creator of @GrandmaMaryShow. Improv comedienne and wine drinker

My favorite SMM tool is because of the time it saves me with scheduling posts and seeing all my comments and social media messages in one place -the Inbox.

It saves me from having to look at each individual platform to get all my messages.

Agorapulse smm tool

The Social Inbox feature lets you truly monitor what’s going on.

And if you’re like me, not only do you like wine and chocolate, but you also might not be the best at responding to every single notification.

With Social Inbox, I can check it every morning, see what’s new, respond, and go on with my day.

It has been so helpful!

~ Keynote Speaker, SEO Consultant, and Author. Helping to increase organic traffic, conversion rate & return of investment

SoTrender is my favorite Social Media Marketing tool as it’s able to track activity over a number of social media networks including as all platforms that I use on a daily basis.

In addition to providing me with analytics, it also makes it easier for me to manage my accounts.

Then HootSuite is also my choice as I save a lot of time by scheduling my posts in advance.

I can also monitor any mentions of my personal brand there through the tool, which is ideal for forming new connections.

The analytics features are by far the most useful part of Hootsuite, as I can see how each post I publish performs on the different networks that I use.

I can easily see how well my followers engage with the posts, and also compare these results with previous posts I’ve published.

This helps me know where to focus my attention and what kind of content to avoid.

One of the main things people struggle with when using social networks for marketing is how to keep an audience engaged.

Hootsuite helps to make this simple, as they provide me with quantifiable and tangible insights into how well my content is performing.

I no longer have to perform lots of A/B testing or spend a lot of time testing the waters, as the tool does all of this for me.

I know who my target audience is, and Hootsuite helps me curate the content that will interest them.

As someone who is often very busy, this is huge.

~ Marketing Director, Speaker, Blogger @ . Generated 1,000,000 pageviews with 28 blog posts. #SEO for #SaaS at

I like the simplicity of @buffer (use the chrome extension a lot).

Next time you write a piece of content make sure you mention any influencers or tools you reference in the post on social media.

You only need one person to take notice.

Whenever you can leverage the audiences of influencers… DO IT!

One share of someone with tens of thousands of followers can get you a ton of visits and additional social engagement.

~ Growing brands and site traffic using content, search and social media marketing.

It offers the ability to post and schedule content to more than one social media platform from the same user interface.

Buffer is simple and it just works.

Since it helps you manage your social media presence on multiple accounts on several social media platforms from the same site, you save a lot of time and can get everything done from one set of logins on one site.

And it still makes it easy to keep the content you post unique and differentiated on the different profiles you are posting to.

~ Brand manager @NinjasMarketing | Founder  &

I’d like to feature Mav Social: They have great tools including powerful visual marketing components and recurring tweets (setting up a sequence of tweets scheduled for the future).

Very user-friendly affordable platform that I am using on a daily basis.

My favorite feature is MavRepeater which allows to schedule the same update to go live several times in the future based on the schedule I create.

This allows me to organically reach more of my followers, especially on Twitter.

According to Moz, the average lifespan of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes (this is the most optimistic estimate.

There are many more studies showing it may be much, much shorter).

Therefore you need to tweet the same URL a few times at different time slots of the day, on different days of the week to reach more of your followers.

MavRepeater makes it easier to do that as you can easily schedule any campaign to auto-tweet days and weeks after you publish your content.

To give you an example, here’s how Moz does that:

Moz tweets

~ Marketing Director & Co-Founder of @sharprocketph, a world-class link building company, coach and motivational speaker in Asia.

There are a lot of tools that I use for social media marketing purposes.

But there is one that is very handy (mobile to use) – it is Buffer.

It is a popular social post scheduling tool anyone can use wherever they are.

ROI can mean a lot of things – engagement, direct social conversions, etc..and it really depends on what the person or social team has set beforehand.

Buffer has its easy functionality of scheduling your posts any time of the day.

This gives you the flexibility of testing which times of the day you get the most engagement.

A trick here is to go to your social platform analytics (Facebook has its own “Facebook Insights” where you can find the time of the day where most of your fans are online).

~ Award-winning social media marketer; speaker & trainer

That would have to be a tie between Sprout Social, SerpStat and Canva. Monitoring hashtags too.

The features I like the most:

Automated social reports, comparative analyses, and a plethora of groovy graphics options, respectively.

Monitoring hashtags into conversation streams helps me connect with others of like interest.

The challenges it helps solve:

All of these tools help me perform my work for clients and staying on top of my game as a professional.

Without them, I’d be doing a lot manually, and would never sleep.

~ Independent B2B digital marketing consultant – I help clients improve online visibility and results through SEO, social, PPC, content, and #martech strategy.

Tweetdeck, no question. The ROI is infinite. 🙂

I love the ability to pre-schedule tweets.

This enables me to post tweets for clients on the days and times when their followers are most likely to see them — even if many of their followers are overseas or in different time zones.

It makes me much more efficient by allowing me to monitor and tweet on behalf of multiple clients from a single dashboard.

~ Co-founder & CEO at Growth Hackers. I help businesses worldwide grow: growth hacking, digital marketing, lead generation.

There are a lot of social media management tools around (HootSuite, AgoraPulse, Later, QuickSprout, etc.) but my favorite is

Buffer is very easy to use compared to other tools.

The user experience is simple and minimalist.

Also, Buffer’s customer support is very good and fast.

They will reply to your emails, live chats, tweets or DMs shortly, politely and will always be very helpful.

There is another thing I love about Buffer: their company culture.

This is something we try to implement at Growth Hackers.

~ Author 7 Systems of Influence, CMOs at Work, 300+ articles on Fortune, Forbes, Time. Founder @getmwi, @influencer_inc, TEDx speaker, skater, runner, dad.

The past year I’ve been enjoying using LinkedHelper, a tool for automating certain tasks on LinkedIn.

For example, I recently hosted a webinar to promote my LinkedIn thought leadership course, and I marketed it by creating a post on LinkedIn post that effectively said, “I’m hosting a free online training, respond in the comments if you want in.”

This got people commenting on my post, which sent it viral, and over 200 people responded requesting invites to my webinar.

But I don’t have time to send private messages to 200 people, right?

But LinkedHelper allows me to do just that and includes their first name automatically to make the message personal.

That’s just one of the ways LinkedHelper helps me engage with more people on LinkedIn, in a more personal way.

It offers personalization options, although I’ve only used the name variable.

You need Sales Navigator for it to work effectively.

~ #Blogging and #SocialMedia Coach, featured on Huffington Post. Click for my free list of 123 Blogging Tools:

My favorite Social Media Management tool is a tie between and Missinglettr.

I use them in conjunction with each other so it’s difficult to pick just one.

Buffer provides me with a high return on my time with Twitter and Instagram since I use Buffer to schedule both my Twitter and Instagram posts with Missinglettr’s help.

The feature I like the best is the Buffer app’s ability to tell me my Top Post.

This is what I do:

– On Day 1, let’s say a Monday, I take the excerpts from my blog posts and put them in my Buffer queue to go out on Twitter.

Buffer optimizes the times to go out when my Twitter followers are online.

Would you believe the Missinglettr company provides my excerpts for me?

Not only do they provide the tweets I put on Twitter, but they also provide relevant hashtags as well.

What’s even more unbelievable is that Missinglettr provides this service for free!

If your readers would like to save time using Missinglettr’s tweets and other social media posts, here is more information about the service.

Not having to compose those tweets myself saves me an enormous amount of time.

– On Day 2, let’s say Tuesday, I go to my Buffer app.

The Buffer app tells me which are my Top Posts from the day before.

I then take the excerpts from my posts that Missinglettr provided that Buffer labeled “Top Posts” and I put them into Instagram quote posts.

The free tools I use to make my quote posts can be found here.

As I explained, both Buffer and Missinglettr save me a tremendous amount of time both on Twitter and Instagram.

~ I plan on blogging forever. So far, so good. In need of sleep, sanity, and a hug. Your way to more traffic

Probably I would say Content Samurai.

It’s a video creation software.

Basically, it’s the easiest way I have found to convert blog posts into videos.

Pretty engaging media I must say as well.

So, you know, video as you know, is huge in social media.

However, I hate putting my face in front of people like this.

I don’t mind talking to you one on one, but when it comes down to doing Facebook Live or anything like that with my face in front of the camera, I hate it.

Just not my cup of tea.

So, Content Samurai… But you know, going back to video, you still have to do it, especially on social media because of the engagement rates.

So, when I found Content Samurai, it was sort of like the answer to the prayers for me.

You know, it combines the audio that you can record line by line versus the entire thing, you know, which I found very helpful.

And plus, it just uses images.

You can create your own, use theirs whatever you want. It’s pretty simple.

And leveraging it to the maximum is really just creating the process that… to the point where you fine-tune every single detail,` and it takes you as little time as possible to do this, to create those videos.

That’s when you start making more and more of them.

And that’s where you get a lot more engagement.

And of course, you know, a call to action in every video you pull out… put out there, whether it’s YouTube or SlideShare or Facebook or Twitter.

I mean, what you can do with one video, as you know, is pretty incredible.

But, the call to action is actually where the money or website traffic I should say really is.

So, great question.

Thanks again for stopping by Traffic Generation Cafe, and I’m sure I’ll see you around.

Have a good rest of your week.

P.S. Content marketing without content repurposing is like a cell phone without a data plan.

~ Partner – @FlyingVGroup. Our blog shows you how our company helps your company grow and generate leads.

My favorite SMM tool is Blog2Social WordPress Plugin.

Blog2Social allows us to schedule social media posts directly from our blog posts on our website.

We are able to distribute the content across multiple platforms, and we can also schedule social media posts on a recurring basis.

Blog2Social is great for content syndication and has maximized our post visibility on social media.

Blog2Social helps our team save time when it comes to scheduling social media posts.

The tool also ensures that we have a full lineup of social media offerings and that our feeds do not run dry.

With Blog2Social we never go a day without posting on social media and it makes it easy for us to re-share our content to those that may not have seen it the first time.

~ The go-to B2B Copywriter for pro bloggers & companies who are struggling to drive more sales, clients, and profit.

My preferred Social Media Marketing platform is TweetDeck at the moment because I’m a big fan of Twitter since 2007 and already devote 70% of my Internet engagement to this channel.

The feature I like the most is the auto-schedule option which saves me a ton of hours and allows me to send relevant information to my followers, and at the same time, engage with and make friends with other fellow pro bloggers and influent marketers in the B2B industry.

To any dedicated blogger, consultant or entrepreneur who is active on Twitter and would like to fully leverage it for significant returns,  I highly recommend this platform.

~ Marketing Strategist, Business Developer, Social Media Strategist

Being in marketing for 20 years now I pretty much like to experiment with different tools, because even though my clients are mostly in B2B, they have various social media expectations and different business goals.

Here are several tools that I use daily either to manage social media, find new prospect, or keep track of my projects.

Buffer, Sprout, Hootsuite, Co schedule, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Nimble, Airtable, Asana. Google Drive, DropBox, Word Excel, and these are just some that I use.

Here’s the thing, every single one of those tools has some features that are unique or in some way are more useful for a specific project, or project management phase, including collaboration with other team members.

I know that we all have issues with having 24 hours in one day, seven days a week, and there’s only so much we can do with that time.

However, in my line of work, the ability to stay on top of the deadlines is crucial, along with being able to keep attention to detail.

All those tools mentioned above are saving my time, either with their scheduling features, quick content access or reports that I can directly download and send to my clients without any additional work.

Also, some of them have options that enable me to monitor multiple accounts and keywords.

When I need to look out for new leads, the filtering is intuitive and easy to search for.

I can cherry pick prospect quite easily.

All come to this – they make me efficient and accurate.

~ I run THGM. We write and we promote. I love nature and living simply

My favorite social media marketing tool, which gives me the most bang for my buck, is

I get more good-quality social shares for my content on ViralContentBee for my effort than anywhere else, although Triberr is also good.

But on Triberr, it’s 95% Twitter, whereas the shares from ViralContentBee are more varied (a lot of Twitter and Pinterest, plus some LinkedIn, Tumblr and Mix).

It helps me reach a much bigger audience that I could on my own, by partnering with other users to share each other’s top content.

I make sure my content is where other users can see it, and they do the same.

We earn credits by sharing each other’s content.


My best tip for leveraging ViralContentBee to the maximum is to return every now and then to add credits for more shares, which also bumps your content to the first page (for more visibility).

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If you consider Sales Navigator on LinkedIn an SMM tool then this is my answer.

The advanced search facility to allow me to target exactly those who match the profile of the prospect I am looking for.

In marketing, all else fails if you are not talking to the right people.

I meet loads of people in B2B spending a fortune on Facebook trying to target people in easy reach on LinkedIn.

I also like the facility to track new connections so I always know when they share or post content so I can engage with their content and so build a relationship with them.

~ Top 35 Ecommerce Expert | Top 75 SaaS Influencer | National Speaker | Contributor @FastCompany@Entrepreneur @TheNextWeb

My favorite SMM tool is QuuuPromote, hands down.

It’s less about “features” and more about efficiency and effectiveness.

I have yet to find another promotion strategy that can get me the amount of relevant shares with as little manual effort on my part as I can with Quuu.

~ #CMO of @HealthJoy#HealthTech // Personal Blog  // Author of Content Marketing  // Contributor to @VentureBeat

I like for it’s modern UI that’s extremely easy to use.

It simple to schedule a few weeks of updates in a matter of minutes.

It has easy to understand analytics, works well for teams, and more recently works with Instagram.

It saves you time by allowing you to go to one location to manage all your platforms.

~ Tech Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Author -B2B marketer with sales mentality. Specializing in sales/marketing alignment

I use but the one with the highest ROI is WinMo which is not an SMM tool.

Using it along with LinkedIn to research prospects.

Buffer saves my time when I repurpose or repost the content. Not to mention that I can schedule retweets, and do RT with a comment via Buffer.

With so much content that I share on a daily basis, Buffer analytics provides insight that I can further use to tweak and improve my content sharing strategy.

Also, Buffer keeps all my posts, and it can help me easily detect the most popular or least popular etc. content base on months/dates/years.

Buffer is one big library of my social media shares.

~ Helping eCommerce Merchants Boost Revenue with SEO & Content Strategy

I think BuzzSumo is a great tool for social outreach in ecommerce.

It can show you the most popular, most shared and liked content in a given niche and you can also see who retweeted certain content, which can be an integral part of your influencer outreach strategy in ecommerce.

What you should do is filter the notable influencers in that given niche, and when you publish similar content, tag them.

If they have a blog (and even better, if they have already published content in that niche) you can also reach out to them in email.

If you are wording your outreach carefully, this will yield significant and relevant exposure and backlinks for your content, driving traffic to your site and helping you with strengthening site authority.

B2C ecommerce stores are not uncommon to have difficulties with reaching out to niche influencers, most notably because they are not that easy to find – but using BuzzSumo we can find the ones who are most likely to answer, share content and who can reach the most of our target audience.

~ CEO and Co-Founder of  – @guestcrew. I love blogging, being active on Social Media and Guest Post on A-list blogs

When it comes to Social Media Marketing tools, the best that I have so far found is It pretty much does what it needs to do and with a free plan to get started – there isn’t really a need to look for an alternative.

I am not a fan of artificial scheduling and posting and when I have a lot of free time on my hands – I do a manual posting.

That said, you know how free time is – so on most days when you don’t have time, it is best to keep a long queue of content that can be posted and spaced at proper intervals so that the timeline does not dry up and neither it overflows.

This tool (Buffer) is free with a cheap upgrade option for more features, makes it the best return on investment tool.

In terms of time invested, easy to use interface etc. – this tool is even more valuable.

I like the – add to queue – feature which makes it easy to keep the queue full, making sure the timeline does not dry up.

The biggest challenge when it comes to social media management and marketing is that social space is busy and crowded.

There are noise and plenty! It is hard to get heard unless you keep speaking at regular intervals, so as to make sure that you are heard without making anyone mad.

Buffer makes sure that your social timeline is full and yet not over-flowed, because you need to keep your followers busy, but not busy enough which will make them unsubscribe.

~ Winner “Best Large SEO Agency” and “Best SEO Campaign” – 2018 MENA Search Awards. SEO Sherpa is a dedicated organic search agency, that lives, and breaths #SEO

This is going to be somewhat contrarian, but here goes;

Freedom App

Freedom blocks access to social media websites (or any other website you choose) so you can get on with stuff that matters.

Way too many people waste a tonne of time on social media sites, which are engineered to hook you in so you spend more time there.

Freedom improves my ROTI (Return On Time Invested) by removing distractions so I can focus on real work.

You can set the time of day and the websites you want to block.

For me, I block distracting social media sites from 8 AM to 2 PM which is the hours of the day I devote to creative work.

Freedom is also great because it works cross-device, meaning it not only blocks you from accessing websites from your browser but also from apps on your phone too.

Social media is a powerful tool “IF” used in moderation.

Freedom App puts you back in control of your social media usage, so you can remain focused on what truly matters – using social media as a tool – and not allowing it to use you.

~ Podcaster & Publicist Marketing Strategist Connector of Humans Disruptors, innovators, change-makers, & thought leaders are my kinda people!

I’m really enjoying SocialBeeHQ.

It will streamline the way you use social media for followers, engagement, and lead generation for your business.

SocialBee is an all-in-one tool that not only auto-posts on social media for you but also allows you to categorize your posts to keep your content fresh, well-mixed and always engaging.

It looks to be an efficient and effective social media content management system.

~ Strategic Digital Branding & Marketing Best Selling Author. Podcast Host

I play around with a lot, for testing for clients.

I’ve started to test a new one which looks promising –

It is one of the first to be able to connect with Instagram – in this case just videos, not images, but it’s a start.

Social media can be hard to manage – you have good content, but you need a platform to be able to manage and distribute the content properly and effectively, as well as look at listening to what is happening within your sphere.

Of course, not all content should be scheduled, but this certainly helps your evergreen content and ensuring that you are always distributing your content.

~ Social Media Marketing Strategist Helps Executives Build Strong Personal Brands & Effective Thought Leadership Programs is my current favorite because it has a good blend of easy-on-the-eyes analytics/reports, a requeue feature, and allows for client workflows.

This tool helps me create social media campaigns and evergreen content queues on Twitter for clients who want their content to go out regularly.

~ Head of Marketing at @Onelycom | Writer | Editor | Public Speaker | Content Services | Sometimes @DRUNKHULK and @FailedPilot

I haven’t found the Holy Grail yet when it comes to this area. I’m using a wide spectrum of tools both professionally and personally.

At the moment, I have more complex tools like BuzzSumo, Sprout Social and Brand24 to the more basic ones like Hootsuite and TweetDeck.

If I had my way, I’d prefer to take pieces from each of them and Frankenstein them into a misunderstood monster that I could neglect and shun until it eventually finds me and destroys my life (much like social media in general).

As for which provides me with the highest ROI, that’s tough.

On paper, I’d say it’s BuzzSumo, but I’ve been able to mine a lot of traction and money just by paying attention to TweetDeck.

Having all the access to the data is great, but sometimes it robs you of any chance of authenticity, that in-the-moment charge that people really respond to in real time.

BuzzSumo wins when it comes to content research, especially when it comes to presentation and clarity. But that’s me. I can find something in almost all of the tools.

I think it’s important for users to know why they’re using specific tools. Often times, people are just grateful to have them at their disposal, without understanding their own goals enough to really maximize the potential.

There are teenagers out there using free social media tools for one Instagram account who can accomplish more in a week than the so-called experts with all of these expensive programs.

The difference?

They understand what they want better than we do.

As for BuzzSumo’s content research, it helps establish the patterns that are easy to overlook without the visualizations.

I consider myself a creative person, so the prospect of going deep with data isn’t the most exciting part of my day.

It’s nice to have quick visualizations of the information so I can get a quick sense of the bigger picture with the content.

Then I can decide to go deeper or not.

I think content marketing challenges are always the same.

Finding new ways to cut through all of the noise.

Discovering new opportunities to provide authenticity (the way Stories has become a legit thing seems to indicate that being ephemeral is worth exploring – so how do we navigate that?).

Remaining active and engaged with your audience.

And providing a positive experience for everyone, especially these days when the easy thing to do is be cynical and jaded.

~ I help thought leaders create amazing content.

My favorite SMM tool is actually

There is no one perfect SMM tool that does everything which is why I love Zapier, it easily allows me to integrate all my favorite tools together.

One of my favorite newer features is the multi-step zaps, which allows you to perform several actions at once.

The challenges it helps solve, and how:

Reporting:  It pulls data from all my different tools and sites together into a clean monthly report.

It keeps publishing calendars updated using the RSS feeds.

Never miss an important notification by sending a mention straight to a Slack channel.

~ CEO † Content Marketing † SEO † Web Design † WordPress † Pay-Per-Click Ads † E-mail Marketing

Facebook Groups!

We are talking about tools here, and I am sure many would tell you that you should use outside tools to optimize your posting like Buffer or Hootsuite (I like Buffer for this), but the greatest money is within Facebook itself.

Organic social traffic to client websites that results from a coordinated and consistent effort in related niche Facebook groups has far outweighed anything else I have used in the past.

Capturing e-mails from a landing page and interested people in a niche-specific Facebook group that are both massaged into leads have been very rewarding, and I see this as a top strategy for moving forward in 2024!

The best part about Facebook Groups is that members are notified about the activity inside them.

They are notified about the group admin posting something.

They are notified whenever a friend posts or comments on something.

They are notified when something they liked or commented on is engaged with… Powerful!

Facebook groups give web traffic a place to congregate.

This means that by growing the group, you are growing an asset that they have the potential to become a self-sustaining community.

That means it can take on a life of its own, grow on its own, and be fueled on its own!

You as the admin have the ability to “farm” the group by developing relationships through contribution as well as advertising your services (in subtle or not-so-subtle ways).

You also have the authority to set group rules to forbid others from doing the same –be careful that you do this properly, of course!

~ Entrepreneur, tech, small business, founder @Zoogly Media

Without a doubt, the best tool for SMM is actually not a tool at all, it is long-form written content.

I know this is going to sound crazy but over the last few years, I have heavily invested in ‘micro-blogging’ on social media.

So what do I mean?

Most people just post content online, you know, this is my business, this is my product and go check it out etc etc.

Posts like these never tell a story, they never grab attention and they certainly never lead to sales.

Social media is a storytelling platform, people are on Facebook to be entertained, Twitter to engage and be made to laugh and on LinkedIn to be educated and connect with others.

Writers like Ash Ambirge, Caitlin Moran and Mitch Miller are just a few who are crushing it with words online.

Seth Godin uses organic social media to share his blog posts and usually shares a significant exert first, but even his blog posts tend to be only a few hundred words long.

So, become a better writer, study the best out there and boom before you know it you will be gaining traction on social media.

To sum up, my most powerful tool on social media is the written word.

~ Founder at – premiere conversion focused online marketing website. Google Ranking Specialist.

I am not sure is would qualify as an SMM tool but so far their service has proven very effective especially when making my content go viral.

I like their editorial feature most because even when it is very strict still helps you optimize your content better.

The challenge it solves is the ease of use when it comes to sharing content in social media. 🙂

~ Pinterest Marketing Expert + Pinterest Management Services | Author of Pinterest Marketing for Business Online Course

Tailwind is the best scheduling tool I use for Pinterest.

It’s the most robust tool out there and believe me as a Pinterest Expert I’ve seen them all.

You can easily shuffle your content so that you’re not seeing duplicate content on a given day on Pinterest.

One of the biggest challenges for Pinterest marketers is that not all their content is seen by their target audience.

Tailwind has solved that problem with their Smart Loop.

It allows you to loop or reshare your pin after some time has passed.

In that way, your content has a chance of getting more shares which is what you want.

~ Learn How I Became Friends w/Over 100 Popular Bloggers from Scratch . Expert Freelance SEO Writer, Marketer. Content Manager @socialgear

To be honest, I literally “live” around about more than one social media tool (you can find them on my tools/resources page) but I’ll have to pick as my favorite tool at the moment.

The one feature that I love about is the “consider to follow” & “consider to unfollow” feature.

What this does is it recommends several accounts that are similar and also active for you to follow.

Also, it suggests inactive (or bot) twitter accounts to unfollow which you already follow.

You basically follow & unfollow users in your dashboard.

I love this tool because it helps marketers like me save a ton of time from growing your twitter account.

I highly recommend it to bloggers, marketers & online business owners looking to grow their Twitter accounts.

~ Founder of GrowthBadger and co-founder of Blue Mint Marketing

My favorite social media marketing tool is definitely BuzzSumo.

It makes it so much easier to come up with winning content ideas AND to find influencers who are actively sharing and linking to items within a given subject.

That kind of research is invaluable for GrowthBadger, as it helps with both content creation and promotion.

~ Entrepreneur, tech, small business, surf, football, and founder @EHQcom

My favorite tool for leveraging social media is Phantombuster.

It provides cloud-hosted APIs for social media that helps me to source data and automates different actions I’d otherwise do manually.

The feature I like the most:

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn and continue to be surprised by how many entrepreneurs that are missing out on the massive opportunity this platform holds.

Combined with email, LinkedIn is one of my best lead gen sources, and I use PhantomBuster to connect with well-aligned prospects, send an automated message (that I’ve written myself, don’t use a standard template) and extract their email address so I can follow up via email.

I love to automate these processes, to a certain point.

As soon as one of your prospects respond, automation has done it’s job and you’ll need to personally respond.

This is crucial!

The challenges it helps solve:

It saves so much time and allows us to scale this process. I believe scaling is key for maximizing results on social media, whatever platform you’re focusing on.  

~ Founder of Engine Scout, a digital marketing company based in Melbourne, Australia

My favorite social media marketing tool would have to be ‘Facebook Ad Interest Hunter‘.

This tool uncovers hidden interests on Facebook you can target for Facebook ad campaigns. In short, it can save you a lot of money in ad costs.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Let’s say you sell protein bars and you want to target people on Facebook interested in ‘fitness’ and ‘bodybuilding’.

If you use Facebook’s standard interest targeting feature, it’ll only show you a total of 25 interests you could target.

But… if you use Facebook Ad Interest Hunter it would give you over 300 related interests.

Most marketers don’t even know these audiences exist on Facebook.

So, you can use this tool to tap into some lucrative audiences interested in your protein bars that nobody knows about.

And the best part…the tool is free.

I like that the hidden audiences discovered by the tool match perfectly with what you see in the Facebook ads manager.

I also like the simple option to export my search results as an excel friendly data-list.

When you’re looking for an audience to target, Facebook restricts you to just 25 similar interests and even worse…it shows the same 25 interests to everybody else making those target audience highly competitive and drives up your Ad spend.

With Facebook ad interest hunter you’re able to quickly find audiences nobody knows about and they’re a lot less competitive meaning you can really get some great return on your Facebook ad spend.

~ Business Strategist & Consultant | Entrepreneur Coach | Freelancer


It is a must-have tool if you use Instagram and/or Pinterest for social media marketing.

You can use it to discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify your reach and analyze your results.

My favorite features are being able to schedule multi-board pinning and also how it automatically optimizes my pinning schedules based on when my audience is most active.

My friends who use it for Instagram love the way it suggests the best Instagram hashtags.

It is also a recognized partner of Pinterest.

They offer a free trial.

I love Pinterest.


Because the content is far more evergreen on there, pins you posted 1, 2 or even 3 years ago can still generate you traffic.

The challenges it helps solve: the quick nature of the content and the need to continually produce new posts.

Pinterest rewards quality over quantity.

Now, Let's Hear From You

I hope you got a ton of value from this expert shares.

But first, let’s announce 3 best social media marketing tools (by expert vote count):

#1. AgoraPulse

#2. Buffer
#3. Brand24

And now, we want to hear from you!

Which SMM tools are you currently using?

Which SMM platform is your favorite at the moment?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment right now!


  1. To me, HootSuite seems a better fit at the moment because it looks easier to use and more advantageous than AgoraPulse for example, plus it has a lot more features than Brand24.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion Codrut. It’s true, HootSuite is an all-around social media management tool and we (Brand24) focus on social media monitoring and we intentionally want to specialize.

  2. Thanks, everyone for sharing your opinion and thanks for mentioning Brand24. We’re glad you like it. I focus on social ads so my favorite social media marketing tools are Facebook Audience Insights and for audience analysis and & Lumen5 for simple video creation.

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